The Phantom of the Opera 1925

The Phantom of the Opera 1925

Postby Rose » Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:13 am

Let us once again begin our Phantom Movie Marathon with the 1925 Film starring Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin.

This is the Film that started it all, if it weren't for this little silent movie I doubt any of the other versions of POTO including the ALW show would have ever been made. Romantics might not like the fact that it is a horror film and focuses more on the horror elements of the story, so don't be expecting a great E/C romance in this film.

But the 1925 film is and will always be THE CLASSIC film of POTO. Until ALW's show it was the most popular version of POTO which goes to show you how good it is because many many films of POTO have been made since 1925 and many of them are forgotten to all but us Phantom Phans who collect every version we can get our hands on.

But people still remember the silent movie, it has withstood the test of time and will probably still be admired and watched along with the ALW Version long after we are all gone.

It is also remarkably close to the original novel in both atmosphere and mystery, it has many scenes from the novel including all of the characters. So as a fan of Leroux's book I can't help but love the 1925 film because of how much of the the book it successfully captures (minus the horribly changed ending).

It also has Lon Chaney.

Lon Chaney who was the first actor to ever don the mask and cape of our beloved Erik.

Over 80 years later he is still one of the greatest Erik's to ever grace the screen or stage.

Seriously if you are a fan of POTO at MUST watch Chaney in the role of Erik, he's amazing! Even if you don't like horror, I still recommend you give this film a watch if only to see Chaney do his thing.

If you haven't seen Chaney play the Phantom then you are missing out!

Trust me I will be talking more about Chaney later after I've watch the film once again. ;)

Some interesting facts about the 1925 Film:

1) Lon Chaney did all of his own make-up for this film, and his deformity is still the closest deformity to Leroux's Erik then any other adaption

2) The Opera House set that was constructed for this movie was the largest free standing set ever built at the time, and was an exact replica of the Paris Opera House

3) The Ending had Erik dying of a broken heart like in the Leroux book but after a bad test screening the studio had the actors re-shoot the ending with the mob attacking Erik, sadly the original film ending has been lost to time.

4) The Persian character in this film was changed to a secret policeman named Inspector Ledoux, but strangely he still has a fondness for Astrakhan Hats

So get our your mask and cape, and don't forget to watch out for that falling chandelier! ;)

It's time to watch the film that started the whole Phantom Phad!

It's time to watch the 1925 Movie! :yay:
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Re: The Phantom of the Opera 1925

Postby ThePhantomsSiren » Sat Aug 22, 2015 2:38 pm

I agree! The Phantom of the Opera (1925) is one of my most favorite adaptations of phantom, because of how true it is to the book (minus the ending). I guess that is because unlike the adaptations after it, all you really had for reference was the book itself. And Lon Chaney did an amazing job playing Erik....his make-up was amazing!
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