Favorite Phantoms

Re: Favorite Phantoms

Postby Rose » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:10 pm

Oops! Sorry about that Rose, misread your invitation. Well, I'll need to think a little bit about how to rearrange my list and my reasons. Happy to be able to write some more and expand upon my thoughts.

Nothing to be sorry for, this list is just for fun anyway.

Gerry always remains my #1 but sometimes the others in my top 5 change places depending on my mood. :P

I adore the way you guys have with words, its so much fun talking POTO again with you!!!!!!

Me too Godzuki, it's been far too long since we've had a Phantom Discussion...probably not since the board went down I think.
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Re: Favorite Phantoms

Postby Rose » Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:43 pm

#3 Ben Lewis

Oh my gosh!

Ben :hearts:

What can I say other then that I love the guy, and personally I feel he got treated rather unfairly by some fanatical Ramin fans when the Australian show came out. I understand (and respect) that not everyone likes the same actors (I myself have my list of Phantoms I don't care for) but some of the things that was said about Ben online at the time was just plain cruel, and it reminded me of how Gerry was treated by some obsessive Michael Crawford fans when the 2004 film came out.

So I will always be Ben's champion :duel:

I think his style of acting is a bit of an acquired taste for some, I can understand why he might not do it for you lifeinparadise1 but I also think one has to keep in mind that Ben is playing Erik at a much different point in his life.

He's much older now, Erik in 'Love Never Dies' is now beyond the age where he is going to be jumping from catwalks, or laughing manically whilst punjabing an enemy...it can be hard to see because Ben Lewis is not old by any stretch of the imagination... but he's playing a much older man..just watch the way he moves, his steps are more measured and slow then they would be 10 years previous.

Some people might interpret this as 'stiffness' on Ben part but I call it great acting because a 50 year old man is not going to be bouncing around when he walks.

And as much as I love Ramin, and feel he's a brilliant actor and one of the best Phantom's of all time...I personally feel Ben nailed LND Erik better...I could feel his age better, his weariness with life better. Ramin is brilliant as the young/volcano ready to explode, cape swishing, catwalk swinging/ manically laughing POTO Erik. While Ben is brilliant as an aged and financially successful but world weary Erik who is just tired of having nothing to live for in his life.

But then again this is just my opinion.

I also think Ben brings a certain nosferatu like 'spookiness' to Erik that is completely unique to his version of Erik.

He is very commanding, calm, and controlled but every so often you get glimpses that this guy is NOT all together sane lol. Some people don't like it when he gives us one of his 'wide eyed' crazed stares, I personally LOVE when he does that. It reminds us that underneath that calm facade is a cauldron of passion and madness. You get the feeling you don't want to push this guy...because underneath the surface the volcano is NOT dormant. 8-)

He definitely put his own stamp on the character and I admire him for that and I feel his older, commanding, calm, yet quietly insane Erik is a breath of fresh air in a sea of a bunch of manically laughing, punjab throwing, youthful Phantoms.

And that's why Ben is in my list of favorite Phantoms, besides my heart was lost to him the moment I heard his voice...now THAT IS A Opera Voice! :mrgreen:

#4 Coming Next
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Re: Favorite Phantoms

Postby Gerry's Protector » Fri Apr 18, 2014 4:56 pm

Do I have to list five?

Not in any order...

Ramin Karmiloo (he made my knees weak and had me in tears)
Gerry Butler (same)
John Cuda (same)
Cooper Grodin (same)
Brad Little (same)
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Re: Favorite Phantoms

Postby ayesha » Mon May 12, 2014 9:37 am

Hello, Ladies! I haven't thought about my favorite Phantoms in so long that I can't remember all their names anymore. :blush: But after having just watched LND w/Ben Lewis as the Phantom, I have to add him to the list. I never thought he looked "stiff", either - and, Rose, I'm glad you're "championing" for him. :yay: LND is a close-up of a stage production so if some of their actions/mannerisms/expressions seem over the top, it has to be that way so the audience, who are far removed from the actors, can better view the acting.

Here are my favorite phantoms: Gerry, Ben, Charles Dance, Robert Englund, John Cudia - maybe not necessarily in that order. I think they each provided a unique and mesmerizing portrayal of the Phantom. Watching LND has brought back all the old memories, the marathon threads we used to have discussing POTO and all the stories, hidden plots, etc. Oh, what fun! Now I'm left with LND's beautiful music playing in my mind! :violin:
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