Agatha: An Enchantresses Tale

Agatha: An Enchantresses Tale

Postby Rose » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:30 am

This is a Fic about the Enchantress in the new Beauty and the Beast film, I'll be exploring her point of view on some things and what was going on in her head. Agatha is a mysterious character and she really stood out to me in the film.

For those of you who are wondering about my other original Beauty and the Beast story and Gustave one shots, I do plan on finishing them, so don't worry, I'm just trying to loosen up those old writing muscles a bit before I tackle any big stories. :)

Agatha: An Enchantresses Tale

Part One: A Curse

Some might call her evil, others might call her a witch, the truth was she was neither. If she appeared evil it was because her purpose was misunderstood, Agatha was only as cruel as the world required her to be.

Or in this case a Prince…

Taking in the ballroom surrounding her she clutched the rose in a withered, aged hand and let the Prince order her to leave for the second time as she had known he would from the start. Letting her enchantment melt away she revealed her true appearance to the French Nobility surrounding her.

“A Witch!” Someone cried, but she paid him no heed, her business was with the arrogant monarch who had fallen to his knees before her…but a Witch would never care to pay a visit to a Royal, Agatha’s power was of a higher order, she who had studied with Sorcerers whose very names would make mere mortals tremble could only inwardly scoff at how ignorant most were of the enchanted realm.

A Witch could only DREAM of possessing her power.

Watching the once proud man beg her for mercy, Agatha could only pity how he had put such a wall around his heart so as to protect himself from being hurt again. His mother’s death had affected him greatly and his father’s hand had made him cruel, but his selfishness was born out of a desire to forget and his vanity out of a need for protection. Agatha had chosen the rose because she knew it would pierce right through that wall around his heart and bring to mind the memory of his mother…and his reaction would be defiance and anger, but deep inside a heart that no longer held love for anyone, was the spark that would bring those walls crumbling down.

It just needed the right match to set it afire, but a Beast he had been to his subjects whom suffered under his tyrannical taxes, and so a Beast he would be to the world, until he could learn how to be a Prince in more than name only. Lifting her eyes she beheld the servants staring in shocked horror, these people had stood around like household objects while a boy became a beast, and so household objects they would be.

But Agatha was not without compassion however, so with a wave of her hand she made sure to erase the memory of that night and every night before it from the minds of the world, and everyone whom knew them. The Castle and its occupants would be frozen in time, untouched and unseen by the world, locked in a perpetual winter until the curse was broken.

Slowly retreating into the night, Agatha lifted her eyes to the moon and numbered the years that would pass before the last petal would fall from the rose…ten in total. A Beast had ten years to become a Prince and an Enchantress had ten years to dwell within the mortal world before her purpose was done.

That's my start, I hope you liked it :)
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Re: Agatha: An Enchantresses Tale

Postby ThePhantomsSiren » Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:33 pm

Rose! I'm so happy to see that you're writing here again. I can't wait to read the rest of your new story, I love it already...and will be eagerly waiting for you to finish the Gustav stories as well. :hearts: ;)
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