25th anniv. stage show- London - Summary of Act 1, Scene 1

For those who believe, or want to, that there was more to the story...

25th anniv. stage show- London - Summary of Act 1, Scene 1

Postby honeyphan » Fri Sep 20, 2013 6:02 pm

25th Anniversary of the London Stage Show intro and Summary of Act 1, Scene 1:

The 25th Anniversary show of Phantom of the Opera was in a word- phenomenal. Excellent cast: Ramin was outstanding in his performance, as was Sierra, making us feel their love and pain of their story. All of the selected cast did a wonderful job. And now, since Love Never Dies was released to the public (his dream), it looks as if ALW pulled out all the stops and made it clear "the greatest love story" was always about E/C, with the way he changed things in this anniversary show. Some things remained the same- others altered.

I have seen a lot of symbolism in the show (and I encourage EVERY PotO fan out there to buy it! O:) ) - I'm convinced the hidden plot symbolism was there as well, perhaps has been all along, but not to such a degree that it was obvious then...

There are nuances of it, different than the movie, (such as Erik giving her the red rose with his black ribbon in movie, but in show it is only Raoul who ever presents her with a red rose, and other things were also different story-wise…) But the same creator of the movie wrote the show, and it's safe to say, he wanted the same underlying idea for both - that it was E/C who were the true lovers and who would end up together somehow (since both ALW and Joel Schumacher, writer of the screenplay, were admitted E/Cers that makes sense).

This thread will outline those things seen in the stage show that suggest something "hidden" there - to tell a deeper story… using the foundation and basic premise of the Phantom of the Opera that Andrew Lloyd Webber created - (both movie and show)- his adaptation. Because this stage show was created for DVD - I think maybe some things that might not have been clear in previous stage shows now are seen and shown more clearly in this anniversary celebration.

I will point out anything of interest. It's up to the reader to decide if each one is important or not to the symbolism idea of the HP (hidden plot) - if it's a coincidence or a clue. I'm not here to force anyone's belief in an HP either - just to share what's been found for others who might be interested to know also.

While I've been getting this together, some on my team have found things I also noticed when watching (cool! O:) ) and also some things I didn't spot. I will post all of our findings on this thread.

Also, please feel free to chat about anything I've posted here - or any scene already posted - I will update the first post with each new scene and the findings, so don't worry about anything getting "lost" - lol. If it ever gets too long, I'll just add links- all to be found in the first post. I'll likely put it up at the top when I reach that point...

Instead of how I did with LND - trying to show a huge amount all at once and in the process overwhelming everyone - lol- I'd like to take this a little at a time, scene by scene, and not rush ahead (slow, like we did with the PotO movie sleuthing back in 2005), so as not to confuse, but I won't say you can't discuss things in advance. I probably won't respond if you do that- simply because I'm focused on getting next part ready or sleuthing in the scene(s) posted - that's the way my mind operates. lol I try not to jump ahead. Please though, for those joining the team, if you're going to talk about future acts, try to focus on where we're at also. :wink: lol From experience (with movie) I remember it can be confusing having different scenes of the entire show discussed all at once- clues presented and ideas surrounding them and so forth. I'll try to update often so there will be less chance of that.

Often things are found at the same time by more than one person- that said, this is an ongoing team effort. The credit goes to everyone - and a big thanks to all of my team. You guys are great.

Also, when the Australian DVD of LND comes out with those changes, etc, I'll add to the LND threads as well … I still am going to get the 2nd part of the London LND show up, just not as fast as before, AND will also be doing it the old way … like I want to do here. O:) ) Please be patient. It takes hours and hours to prepare these- tonight's took approx. 4 hours - the LND first part took days- about a week. And I'm doing other things besides (writing, vidding, manipping, and a whole lot more...)

note: all pictures are from the 25th anniversary PotO stage presentation - no copyright infringement intended ... (for discussion and comment purposes only)

And now, on with the show! Perhaps we can frighten away the ghost of so many years ago with a little illumination…gentlemen...and ladies

ACT one, scene one - the auction - intro

So as not to confuse- The Phantom spirit (what I call it) is not the Phantom we know and love, who I call Erik...The Phantom spirit is an evil force there, that has them ALL bound in chains, especially Erik.

Besides the symbolic things shown and mentioned- also shown in movie (and I went over in the movie HP thread) - a brief refresher: -
**a broken crystal chandelier (symbolic of light) with the lot number 666 (number that has always denoted evil -suggesting who/what is responsible for it becoming that way)
**the monkey - lot 665 - number of man - symbolizing Erik (the monkey music box)
**the 3 skulls with wooden pistol (3 and skulls - symbolizing the evil/darkness in opera house, what I sometimes call the phantom spirit because movie seemed to show demonic forces at work, even suggesting it to be an actual spirit and his minions through the symbolism and lyrics used.)
**The reference to Robert le Diable is made (Robert and the Devil)- a moralistic opera about a woman trying to save a man from the darkness and bringing him to the light - also a strong mirror to the PotO tale (of both movie and show).

- we have - showing here …

The poster of Hannibal:

A man leads a woman away- appears as if they are running (perhaps symbolic of Raoul and Christine running- from the enslaving force of Rome, which was symbolic of Erik under the dark power that enslaved him- (lyrics from Hannibal song)- with a tall gold statue on the right (like a god? It looks somewhat Pharaoh like) surrounded by fire (like hell) - BUT I think it really might be symbolic of Erik running with Christine- since his color is red (and red and black are often shown together in this- the black symbolic of the P. spirit that is a part of him/ruling him) and they are on the left side of poster- the evil that has enslaved him on the right. The statue could be symbolic of the power that chained them- "Rome" in Hannibal song (Phantom spirit/evil)...


Symbolically in movie, right was the Phantom spirit's or evil's side, while "left" was Erik's, relating to him….many ways they showed this in movie. Perhaps they are showing it here too. In show he was left handed and wore a ring on his left hand finger - perhaps to show that Erik (when we see certain symbolic things on left, mean they relate to him) …trivia: in those days, (and former centuries) left handed people were thought to be demon-possessed. Schoolmasters would force left handed children to write with their right hand, and learn to do everything else with the right hand, assuming that would free them from such darkness. Unless Ramin IS left handed, (and there's certainly nothing wrong with that!) - that could be why they did this for Erik...if he's really right handed (the actor), this could have been another bit of symbolism to point to that idea (E enslaved by evil spirit).

The ape or beast on a "throne"

Remember, the beast (ape) was symbolic of Erik in the movie and seems to also be in the show… it sits on a red cushion (his color) rimmed in 3 layers of gold (another "kingdom" color of both E and C in movie) on a black box also rimmed in 3 layers of gold (Phantom spirit's or evil's color is black, number is 3) - and the outfit of the attendant presents the illusion of the back of a throne (which Erik also has a black throne in his lair). It plays the cymbals (like Erik did as a boy). It wears gold. (his color) and I could be wrong, but it looks like 4 gemstones are on each side in a design on his belt - 4 - Erik's number in movie. So, with all these ideas, the music box (it also plays music- his song)- is symbolic of Erik (the ruler there)- but also controlled by that spirit.



note: I find it funny that at first NO ONE wants this item. An outcast, like Erik … and another way it points to this box symbolizing him. But then the bidding war begins and the Vicomte pushes the price higher than the first bid the auctioneer suggested - twice the amount. He despised Erik, why he did not bid at first (and another way I believed they showed that the box symbolizes E), but in the end Raoul had to have that box…(for certain reasons I feel the movie explained with its symbolism…)

The auctioneer gives the order for the chandelier to be unveiled - notice all the green light first around chandelier (Christine's color in movie - she was also of the light - and the chandelier is now being brought back from non-working order to being lit and a source of light again) - I didn't take a pic, but what they chose to use here was green light everywhere - at the same time the statue is also being raised.

In the movie HP, Erik was king (his color is red), his CHOSEN queen was Christine (whose color is green in the masquerade song - "green and black, queen and priest", which is how we learn the colors and what fits who) - but there's also another queen in this, one despised…I'll get there…and there was the evil/darkness that sought to destroy everything - with Erik's help. It's color was black. (Phantom spirit). Gold was both the queen and king's color.

Now for that statue that rises….

Two demons (or beasts?) with angel's wings (perhaps to show Erik- Angel of Music- but influenced by darkness) pull at two nude women who appear to be lewdly smiling, as if in pleasure. The third woman in the middle has her face and hands lifted and it appears her wrists are chained. I can't tell if she's smiling or not... GREEN light shines on this statue…

It is reminiscent of the statue in the movie- same sort of idea. It sits at the front and center above the stage, as if in the place honor - showing who rules this opera house of music- who are the ones that truly rule it. In the movie statue, Erik is symbolized as a hooded, shrouded specter with a halo (Angel (of music) -him/ along with the Angel of Death (phantom spirit/evil) and Christine as holding his hand but looking toward a cross she holds in her left hand (which is also found in the movie cemetery scene and is green there- in the movie companion book). In this show's statue, her right breast is bared, her left covered. Unlike the other two women who have both breasts bared and one held by each demon. In the next three pics the green light is still flashing on the statue...



Now it appears she is HOLDING something - it looks like a leafy garland (?) and what we first thought was a manacle in first shot is really a green bracelet on her left wrist. My guess, this depicts some goddess or female ruler, as much of the symbolism in the movie did (Persephone, Venus, etc) - and all of it was always symbolic of Christine, to suggest she was the true queen and Erik's chosen…It looks as if the woman in this statue of the stage show is enclosed by the evil on all sides of her - looking up and lifting her hands to the heavens for help. But since she is lifting something up, perhaps that something and how she is doing it is symbolic of an act of courage or victory? That she is the only one who can stop the darkness, because she is pure and of the light? My guess. And it describes Christine and all she did there to help save them.

It might be an actual statue in a museum, etc (we found a lot of that in the movie) that is representative of some legend or Greek myth that would mirror who these characters of the PotO really are, beneath their masks (the visible and the invisible)

Also: FIVE figurines make up the statue - 5 is the Queen and King's number together (4 is his number, 1 is hers). - It depicts them as royals - rulers of music. (Box Five where he would sit and watch her perform, Fifth Cellar, where he wanted her to live with him and where the seat of Music's throne is, etc...) Music, being Erik, the ruler of it (for this fantasy). Also- they do 5 closeups of this statue - (I showed four. The first that I didn't take a pic of shows the middle statue - head and shoulders- with a white light that flashes on it, then immediately goes to green...) One last thing- the bracelet on her right arm - right as depicting darkness/evil - is a SLAVE bracelet. She is enslaved by the darkness too, but is not held by it like the others...


And now the green lights have stopped flashing (in picture below) and we see what had looked like a completely gold statue now has green on it at the girdle (waist) of the woman (also the bracelet on the wrist) - green, the queen's color- and it is ONLY on the woman in the middle that seems symbolic of Christine. (Like the statue that had been in the same spot- center stage- represented her (and Erik) in the movie) - also remember where you saw that green. You'll see it again later... :wink:

note: This gold statue isn't something easily seen from the audience- it was lifted high and had green lights flashing on it at first- at its highest point, we then see two small bits of green that's part of statue itself- in a closeup shot that the DVD will show. That seems planned, to put two touches of green on a statue (perhaps three if the slave bracelet is also like that) and only on one person - the middle woman - that no one could see with the naked eye. BUT it's something that would be seen on the DVD...just like I believe they did with the 2004 movie (putting clues in closeup shots, etc) to be found.



note: I know some people didn't like the projection - but I loved how they showed Erik playing the organ during the overture into the past...

more later…
Feel free to discuss this scene …

Here's the cover for a PotO souvenir brochure of that statue- it's completely gold. (no green at the waist or on her bracelets - like on the 25th PotO anniversary one they made for that show)


The wings are also closer on this one, looking as if they could be her wings. (But she was also his Angel of Music- what he also called her - so that makes sense).
But on the other one they used for this show, they are more spread out, almost looking as if they could belong to the beasts/demons/satyrs, whatever they are....

You're right, LiP - that looks like a ribbon- but darn it, what's on the ribbon? lol
It looks like four of something? Maybe five...
I might zoom so I can see it better...

Can you look on the inside cover of your brochure and see if they credit that statue (say what it is)- they would do that if it isn't something that they solely made for the show...

Here's that other picture you were talking about (I think) - and that middle statue representing Christine is definitely smiling. :wink:


As far as the rest of the proscenium, I believe the figures next to her are satyrs and nymphs. I'm not quite sure whether or not they're connected to a certain mythological tale...(still looking). Here's a close up of one of the figurines next to the angel.

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2579/411 ... 9d19_o.jpg

You can see that the nymph is wearing a red and green necklace...thought that was interesting.
Image E/C manip made by me
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