LND Lyrics with changes - part 2

For those who believe, or want to, that there was more to the story...

LND Lyrics with changes - part 2

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continued from last post...

Scene 1 - The Bar

Why Does She Love Me?

(Inside a desolate and decrepit bar at the end of the Coney Island Pier. A long
grimy mirror runs along the back wall of the bar, reflecting the empty room.
RAOUL sits alone on a bar stool, still in his rumpled clothes from the night
before, several empty glasses in from of him. He has evidently been there all
RAOUL One more.
BARMAN Aww, buddy, don’tcha think you had enough? It’s practically morning
RAOUL One more, I said!
BARMAN All right, all right. (Pouring a drink.) My shift is over anyway, so let’s settle the bill, ok?
(RAOUL dumps a handful of change on the bar.)
Jeez, you’re in a bad way, ain’tcha? Worse than most that end up here.
(A door behind the bar opens.)
Here’s the morning shift. Maybe he’ll know what to do with you.
(He grabs his coat and exits as another bartender enters; the new bartender
immediately turns his back on RAOUL.)
RAOUL Yes, what to do with me. That’s the question, isn’t it? That’s always been the question, ever since the beginning…
She looks for sympathy,
I give her sorrow.
She asks for honesty,
I’ve none to borrow.
She needs my tender kiss,
she begs it of me!
I give her ugliness,
why does she love me?
She yearns for higher things,
things I can’t give her.
The rush that music brings,
I can’t deliver.
And even when she sings,
and soars above me,
I try to clip her wings - -
Why does she love me?
(Turns to the figure behind the bar.) One more drink, sir…
That’s what I need, don’t you think, sir?
(Turns.) Leave the hurt behind…
(The bartender lifts his head, and for the first time we see his face, reflected in
the mirror. It’s ERIK.)
(Roughly.) Didn’t you hear me? Another drink!
(Without a word, he pours a glass and shoves it in front of RAOUL. RAOUL,
oblivious, reaches for the glass, and drinks.)
She wants the man I was,
husband and father.
At least, she thinks she does.
She needn’t bother.
Beneath this mask I wear,
there’s nothing of me.
Just horror, shame, despair.
Why does she love me?
How ‘bout you, sir?
Tell me, what am I to do, sir..?
Leave the hurt behind…
(Suddenly the door flies open. MEG enters in a bathing costume. Her hair is
wet, and she is wrapped in a towel.)
MEG Morning, Bernie!
Coffee, please!
Hurry up, before I freeze!
I’ll just take it black - -
(MEG stops dead in her tracks. RAOUL, startled, turns.
ERIK, also startled, whirls around to hide his face. During the
following exchange he takes the opportunity to vanish.)
(When Meg receives her coffee, she takes out a flask and pours into the mug)
Mother said I’d find you here.
RAOUL (Stands, with an attempt at dignity.) Miss Giry.
MEG Do you know where you are?
RAOUL Hell, I imagine?
MEG Around here, they call it “Suicide Hall”. It’s where people end up when they
don’t know where else to go. The hopeless… The desperate. A good place
to step off the side of the pier and quietly vanish.
RAOUL (Drily.) You seem to be a regular.
MEG (Simple.) Me? I come here to swim.
This town is coarse, and cold, and mean.
It’s hard to keep your conscience clean.
Faceless in the crowd,
anything’s allowed.
And so I come at dawn each day,
come to wash it all away…
Sink into the sea,
blue and cool and kind,
let it set me free…
Let the past unwind…
Leave the hurt behind.
(Speaks, music continues under.) You should never have come to America.
It’s not a place for people like you and Christine. It’s too easy to forget who
you are and where you belong. That’s why mother says you must leave here.
Now. Take your wife and the boy and go.
(Meg hands him an envelope containing tickets back to France...)
RAOUL Leave? But what about tonight? The concert? The money? Am I to just run away? From him?
MEG (Nodding.) And when the sun rises tomorrow, we can all start again. Clean.
Sail across the sea…
Put us out of mind…
Close your eyes and flee…
Let yourself stay blind…
Leave this place behind.
(MEG turns, and runs off.)

Devil Take the Hindmost

(This scene has been described as very rough/physical between both men, with Raoul taking a swing at the Phantom, which he deflects, then E getting Raoul into a chokehold...Erik's entrance reminded one reviewer of his entrance in Masquerade, very "phantomy". 8) )

RAOUL Miss Giry! (Calling after her.) I’m not afraid of him! I’ve bested him before! And if he ever had the courage to meet me face to face, man to man - - (He turns to re-enter the bar… Only to find himself face-to-face with ERIK.) No… It can’t be.
ERIK Not afraid of me, you say?
RAOUL (Staggering a bit.) Stay back! Or I’ll kill you, I promise you.
ERIK Of course. As you say, you’ve beaten me before. But that was a long time
ago, Vicomte. And we were playing a different game.
Look at you, deep in debt,
stinking drunk,
Shall we two make a bet,
Devil take the hindmost?
RAOUL Look at you,
foul as sin…
Call the stakes,
deal me in,
Devil take the hindmost!
ERIK Our Christine,
shall choose tonight.
RAOUL Let her choose.
ERIK Is she yours or mine?
RAOUL Draw the line.
ERIK If she sings,
you lose tonight.
RAOUL I won’t lose!
ERIK You leave from here –
ERIK Disappear!
And if she won’t - -If I win?
ERIK All your debts - -Wiped away.
RAOUL Very well…Let’s begin.
ERIK & RAOUL (Shaking hands.) Devil take the hindmost.
ERIK Our old game,
It’s been changed.
Every throw
all the rules,
fate has redesigned most.
Cut the deck,
let us play.
You and I,
once again.
In the end,
either way - -
Devil takes the hindmost.
RAOUL (Simultaneous with above.) You think you have the odds.
You think you’re in control.
You think you’ve fixed the dice.
Well I will gadly roll.
I’ll bet against the house,
I’ll even double down - -
Fortune’s on my side.
I won her long ago,
I won her from you then,
I wager even now,
I’ll win her back again.
And when the game is done…
Devil take the hindmost.
ERIK & RAOUL Now Christine
shall choose at last - -
Is she yours or mine?
RAOUL We’ve a son - -
Our bond’s secure.
ERIK Are you sure?
RAOUL (Faltering.) What…
ERIK Are you so sure?
RAOUL What do you mean?
ERIK Such a child…
Strange to see…
(Raoul staggers a bit, grabbing the back of a chair)
Is he more
you or me?
Which one do you find most?
RAOUL (Blanching.) You lie!
ERIK Deal the cards,
let them fall.
Choose your hand,
try your best.
He who wins,
wins it all.
RAOUL (Simultaneous with above.) I call your bluff!
The game is on!
And we will see
who wins out,
once and for all
wins it all.
ERIK & RAOUL Devil take the hindmost!
ERIK Deal the cards,
let them fall.
Choose your hand,
try your best.
He who wins,
wins it all…
RAOUL (Simultaneously with the above.) I call your bluff!
The game is on!
And we will see
who wins out,
once and for all
wins it all…
ERIK & RAOUL (Whispered, half-spoken.) Devil take the hindmost.
ERIK She walks - - You leave together. Pockets full. Debts paid. She sings, you
leave alone.
(He pushes RAOUL away… And vanishes. From the empty air, a whisper…)
(Menacing.) Devil take the hindmost…
(RAOUL stares at the empty place where a man had just stood. Then, realizing
the enormity of the bet he has just made…)
RAOUL My God… What have I done? Look at me… And the concert is only hours away…
(He stumbles off the pier towards the beach, as the first beachgoers of the day
begin arriving on the sand.)

Scene 2
On the beach

Little Slice of Heaven (reprise)

BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 It’s the last day of the season
and there ain’t a single cloud!
What a day to leave the city on a spree!
Away from all the hustle and the bustle and the crowd,
on a little slice of heaven by the sea!
(Another Group of beachgoers appears. Then another.)
BEACHGOERS GROUP 2 It’s the last day of the season
to indulge in simple joys!
BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 Forget the fact’ry and the slum!
BEACHGOERS GROUP 2 To be rested and relaxed and fancy-free!
BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 One day more then back to work…
BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 & 2 To flee from all the bother and the hassle and the noise –
BEACHGOING MAN With your lady –
BEACHGOING GIRL And your fella –
and your umbrella –
BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 & 2 On a little slice of heaven by the sea!
(The beach is now packed, and still they keep coming.)
The sand!
The breeze!
The food!
The peace and calm,
the restful mood!
Amid the sea and spray,
the city falls away…
BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 & 2 The skin!
BEACHGOERS GROUP 1 & 2 The salty air.
ALL BEACHGOERS The miles of beach,
with room to spare.
GROUP 1 And the pretzels –
GROUP 2 And the custard –
GROUP 3 And the girls –
GROUP 1 The franks –
GROUP 2 The mustard –
GROUP 3 And the taffy –
GROUP 1 And the lotion –
GROUP 2 And the pier –
GROUP 3 The beer –
GROUP 1 The ocean –
GROUP 3 And the oysters –
GROUP 1 And the pickles GROUP 2 And the knockwurst - -
GROUP 3 And the steamers –
ALL It’s a little slice of heaven by the sea!
GROUP 1 What a treat to get away
from the frantic urban fray,
all the fluster and the fuss - -
GROUP 1 & 2 To this placid little beach
far beyond the city’s reach,
and it’s only for us!
GROUP 1, 2 & 3 What a joy to convalesce
from the city’s wild excess,
and forget it all like thus!
On this sheltered little slice
of a seaside paradise - -
It’s the last day of the season,
so relax and have a beer!
Hurry up, the summer’s almost over - - !

Ladies…/Coney Island Waltz (reprise)

(Suddenly, there’s a commotion. The crowd parts, as a shadow descends. A
hot-air balloon lands amidst the throngs on the beach.)
CROWD (An excited hubbub.) Look! What’s that? It’s going to land! What is it? I’ve never seen such a thing in my life!
(Inside, the strange TRIO, in their oddly formal costumes. They address the
astonished crowd.)
SQUELCH Ladies… Gents!
GANGLE You, good sir…
FLECK And you, my friend!
TRIO Everyone…
GANGLE Time for fun.
SQUELCH Here tonight –
GANGLE Ringing in the season’s end –
FLECK Mr Y’s last suprise.
TRIO Starting soon upon our stage, the performance of the age!
SQUELCH Wonders and astonishments for your delectation!
GANGLE Marvelous automatons of his own creation!
SQUELCH Plus a finale to sweep you away..!
FLECK & SQUELCH Brought from Paree to perform just one day..!
TRIO Come see the breathtaking Christine Daaé!
(The beachgoers gather their things and hurry off the beach, to the theater.
The TRIO steps forward. The perspective shifts, and we are looking at the stage
inside the theater at Phantasma.)

SCENE 3 – Onstage at Phantasma.

SQUELCH Ladies and gentlemen… Mr Y is pleased to present to you his final surprise of the season...
GANGLE A command performance by Christine Daaé, the most heavenly Diva of this or any age…
FLECK But first, for those of you whose taste is a little more earthbound…
SQUELCH The Sweetheart of the Midway…
GANGLE The ooh La La Girl…
FLECK The incomparable…
TRIO Meg Giry!

Bathing Beauty

(A gaily painted vaudeville olio flies down: a stylized “vaudeville” version of the
beach. Bathing-suited chorus girls run on and take their places. A flourish… And MEG GIRY is revealed.) MEG I took a little trip to Coney Island,
to get away from all the city sprawl.
I couldn’t bear to choose
which bating suit to use,
so goodness me, I guess I brough ‘em all!
But when at last I got to Coney Island
and found myself a spot upon the sand,
I noticed something strange –
There was no place to change –
GIRLS Uh oh!
MEG And so I asked my friends to lend a hand. Girls?
(The girls strategically hold up towels, so that only MEG’s head, shoulders and
legs are exposed.)
(MEG tosses away her blouse.)
(MEG tosses away her skirt.)
Bathing beauty, take a look at you!
(They drop the towels, revealing MEG in a bathing costume.
They go into a dance, with MEG at the center.)
MEG & GIRLS Bathing beauty,
on the beach,
bathing beauty,
say hell!
What a cutie!
What a peach!
Bathing beauty!
Watch her go!
Posing under her parasol,
she is whatcha call
a real spectacle.
Prim and proper, with class and poise,
but she’s got the boys
apoplectical! Bathing beauty
on the beach,
see her practic’ly glow!
Wearing a smile and
giving Coney Island
a bathing beaut of a show!
(The towels go up.)
GIRLS Bathing beauty, on the beach!
MEG Stripes!
(The towels drop, revealing MEG in a striped suit.)
GIRLS What a cutie,
what a peach!
(The towels go up.)
MEG Spots!
(The towels drop revealing MEG in a polka-dotted suit.)
GIRLS Bathing beauty!
Bathing beauty!
(The towels go up.)
MEG Checks!
GIRLS (Going down the line, puzzled.) Checks? Checks? Checks? Checks? Checks?
MEG (With a big innocent smile.) Oops!
(The girls pop out round parasols and open them.)
MEG & GIRLS Bathing beauty
on the beach,
see her practic’ly glow!
Takin’ the sun in
‘till all the boys are runnin’!
Rollin’ in clover,
and gettin’ tan all over!
Wearing a smile and
giving Coney Island
a bathing beaut of a show!
Bathing beauty, say…
MEG “Hello!”
(Applause as MEG waves at the audience and runs off.)
GANGLE Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Meg Giry, the Ooh La La Girl! In just a few moments, Christine Daaé, the world’s most celebrated songbird, will be making her American debut here at Phantasma… But first, performing feats of miraculous mascular strength… The Mighty Squelch!

SCENE 4 – Meg’s dressing room.

Mother Did You Watch?

(MADAME GIRY paces the floor, awaiting MEG’s arrival. Finally MEG sweeps
in, wrapped in a dressing gown, bubbling with excitment.)
MEG Mother, did you watch?
Everything is solved!
Mother, can’t you tell,
the new routine - -
It went so well!
I was worried, just a touch,
that it might’ve been too much,
just a bit, well, rather free - -
But just listen to that crowd!
Why, they’ve never been so loud - - Screaming only for me!
MEG And the Master must have heard
every note and every word - -
Mother, tell me, did he see?
MADAME GIRY Meg, stop it - -
MEG Even he will now concede,
I’m the only one he’ll need - -
(Suddenly noticing MADAME GIRY’s expression.)
Mother what’s wrong?
MADAME GIRY Meg, sweet fool, you did all that you could.
Charming, bright - - And yet still not enough…
MEG (Panicking.) Wh-what do you mean –
MADAME GIRY How you danced!
They’re all entranced!
Yes, all but the one whose
entrancement we sought.
MEG he wasn’t there - - ?
MADAME GIRY Where, poor girl, do you think that he was?
Yes, that’s right, in with her all along!
MEG With Christine..!
MADAME GIRY Dreaming of
their son, their love…
Too smitten to spare you one moment of thought.
MEG (Almost hysterically.) But you said –
MADAME GIRY Al that you gave him, it’s all been a waste.
MEG You’re wrong…
MADAME GIRY All that you’ve done, it has all been erased…
MEG Don’t say that!
MADAME GIRY Now he has them…
(Sadly.) As for us…
We have both been replaced.
(MADAME GIRY exits, with an air of finality.)
MEG (A howl of despair.) Noooo!
(MEG flings herself into the chair at her dressing table, weeping.)

Scene 5
Christine's Dressing Room

Before the Performance

(She too sits at her dressing table, getting ready for her performance. GUSTAVE
stands at her side, fascinated by her dressing routine. She gives herself one last pat of powder.)
CHRISTINE Gustave, could you hand me those earrings? The diamond ones on the left…
(GUSTAVE obediently passes the earrings to her, and she puts them on. The finishing touch.)
There! How do I look?
GUSTAVE (In awe.) You look so beautiful!
So very beautiful!
Like a Queen in a book…
CHRISTINE (Affectionately.) You, too, are beautiful!
So very beautiful!
Once this performance is through,
we’ll spend some time, just us two…
Won’t that be fun?
(A knock at the door, which opens.)
GUSTAVE Father! Doesn’t mother look lovely tonight?
(RAOUL enters. He seems to have undergone a transformation. Impeccably
dressed, dapper and handsome, RAOUL’s visage bears no trace of his
customary scowl.)
RAOUL Indeed she does. As lovely as she looked the very first time I came to her dressing room door.
CHRISTINE (Clearly touched.) And look at you Raoul. You look just like that handsome boy in the opera box, the one who would always toss me a single red rose…
RAOUL (Kneeling down to face GUSTAVE. Kindly.) Please, Gustave,
if you don’t mind, would you wait outside a while..?
GUSTAVE May I go exploring? By myself?
CHRISTINE Yes, but stay backstage, my dear…
When I’m finished, meet me here.
GUSTAVE (Already out the door.) I will..! (He exits.)
RAOUL Since our wedding day,
things have gone… Astray.
RAOUL (Over her objections, but gently.)
I’m not proud of the way that I’ve acted.
CHRISTINE We’ve both been –
RAOUL (Not letting himself be interrupted.) The demands I’ve made,
All the hopes mislaid –
I’m aware of the price they’ve exacted…
Though I’ve no right to ask you to,
there’s one thing more I’d have you to do,
if you love me as I love you…
CHRISTINE Anything, darling…
RAOUL (Collecting himself.) Don’t sing the song, dear.
CHRISTINE What? But, Raoul - - !
RAOUL You have to know something’s terribly wrong, dear…
CHRISTINE (Taken aback.) But I have to do this - -
It’s what we agreed to.
RAOUL That Hell-spawned demon,
he’s had us playing his game all along, dear...
CHRISTINE Let me just get through this - -
Listen, please… I need to.
RAOUL You need so much, it’s true - -
And I’ve denied you.
You need the man you knew
back here beside you.
You’ll have him back, I vow!
Just ask it of me!
But we must leave here now,
if you still love me…
CHRISTINE (Swayed, despite herself.) Do you mean it, Raoul? Truly?
RAOUL I’ve booked a passage for three to Cherbourg on the Atlantic Queen. It
leaves in an hour, we’ll have just enough time.
I beg you… Let’s be on it, for both our sakes… And the child’s.
Leave this place behind.
(He withdraws, closing the door behind him. CHRISTINE gazes at the spot
where he stood. She removes her earrings...Suddenly ERIK materializes from the shadows behind her. He places his hands on her throat, and she freezes in sudden fear - - he could snap her
neck in an instant. Instead, he is placing a jewelled necklace on her… The same
jewelled necklace we saw on the throat of that automaton.)
ERIK He knows his love is not enough…
He knows he isn’t what you need.
He knows you’re made of finer stuff
I think on that, we’re all agreed.
It’s time to leave him in the dust,
it’s time to be who you should be,
it’s time to do now as you must
and set the music in you free..!
In moments,
mere moments ,
drums will roll.
There you’ll stand, just like before.
The crowd will hush,
and then in one sweet rush,
I will hear you sing once more!
And music,
our music,
will swell and then unwind,
Like two strands of melody
at last entwined!
Fulfill us!
Complete us!
Make us whole!
Seal our bond forever more!
Tonight, for me,
embrace your destiny!
Let me hear you sing once more!
(He disappears into the shadows, leaving her shaken.
The STAGE MANAGER knocks on the door, opens it.)
STAGE MANAGER Miss Daaé, it’s time…
CHRISTINE Twisted every way,
what answer can I give?
I know I can’t refuse
and yet I wish I could,
oh God…
RAOUL Christine, Christine,
don’t think that I don’t care.
ERIK But every hope and every prayer
rests on you now.
(As if in a trance, CHRISTINE steps out onto the stage. The curtain is drawn,
but she can feel the electric presence of the audience on the other side. Stage
hands are busy around her, but she is oblivious to them.
The orchestra is tuning up. We can feel her tension.)

Scene 6
Backstage/Onstage at Phantasma

Devil Take The Hindmost (Quartet)

(In the wings, GUSTAVE appears, wandering carelessly, oblivious to the drama
unfolding around him, watching the backstage action. As he walks, he vocalizes
wordlessly to himself.)
STAGE MANAGER Ready on the rail?
STAGE HAND 1 Ready on the rail!
(He wanders past RAOUL, who waits in the wings, watching CHRISTINE intently.)
RAOUL Will she sing?
Will she flee?
What is she
thinking now?
Is it him?
Is it me?
Devil take the hindmost.
STAGE MANAGER Ready on the floor?
STAGE HAND 2 Ready on the floor!
(GUSTAVE passes ERIK, waiting in the opposite wing, ready to savour his triumph.)
RAOUL Will she stay?
Will she go?
Does she know
even now?
Please, Christine,
stop the show - -
Devil take the hindmost.
ERIK (Simultaneously.) Obey your heart,
and sing for me!
You want it so,
stay and be mine
Devil take the hindmost.
ERIK & RAOUL Now it’s time,
so make your choice!
Do it for our son!
ERIK Use your head!
RAOUL No time to wait!
ERIK & RAOUL Hesitate,
we’re all undone!
STAGE MANAGER Ready in the pit?
STAGE HAND 3 Ready in the pit!
(GUSTAVE, weaves his way past MADAME GIRY, who paces nervously.)
RAOUL Will she stay?
Will she go?
Does she know
even now?
Please Christine,
stop the show,
Devil take the hindmost!
ERIK (Simultaneously.) Obey your heart,
and sing for me
and sing for me,
you, me, the child,
Devil take the hindmost!
MADAME GIRY (Simultaneously.) Perhaps she won’t go on,
perhaps she’ll lose her nerve,
perhaps her voice won’t serve
and she will fail him now.
And then my child and I,
we’ll get what we deserve…
Devil take the hindmost.
RAOUL Will she stay?
Will she go?
Does she know
even now?
Please Christine,
stop the show,
Devil take the hindmost!
ERIK (Simultaneously.) Obey your heart,
and sing for me
and sing for me,
you, me, the child,
Devil take the hindmost!
MADAME GIRY (Simultaneously.) Perhaps she won’t go on,
perhaps she’ll lose her nerve,
perhaps her voice won’t serve
and she will fail him now.
And then my child and I,
we’ll get what we deserve…
Devil take the hindmost.
RAOUL, ERIK & MADAME GIRY Now it’s time!
No turning back!
All is on the line!
Here it is,
the final dance!
One last chance
to get what’s mine!
(GUSTAVE circles around backstage, past MADAME GIRY, past ERIK,
past RAOUL… Coming to a stop when a familiar face steps into the wings. MEG.
MADAME GIRY slides next to ERIK.)
MADAME GIRY (In a low voice.) I hope Christine is worthy of you. I hope her singing makes up for what your blindness has done to Meg and me.
(In the opposite wing. MEG smiles and puts an arm around the boy.)
(During this scene, Gustave ends up on a ladder until Meg comes to him and hands him some type of mask, then he runs off stage, following her)
MEG …Devil take the hindmost.
(The orchestra quiets, then is silent.)

Love Never Dies

(The curtain opens, and CHRISTINE steps out and faces the audience. Silence.
The orchestra plays CHRISTINE’s cue… And she falters, torn.
Then decisively, she steps forward… And sings the song ERIK has
written for her.)
CHRISTINE Who knows when live begins?
Who knows what makes it start?
One day it’s simply there,
alive inside your heart.
It slips into your thoughts,
it infiltrates your soul,
it takes you by surprise,
then seizes full control.
Try to deny it,
and try to protest,
but love won’t let you go
once you’ve been possessed.
Love never dies.
Love never falters.
Once it has spoken,
love is yours.
Love never fades.
Love never alters.
Hearts may get broken,
love endures.
Hearts may get broken,
love endures.
And soon as you submit,
surrender flesh and bone,
that love takes on a life
much bigger than your own.
It uses you at whim
and drives you to despair.
And forces you to feel
more joy than you can bear.
Love gives you pleasure,
and love brings you pain!
And yet, when both are gone,
love will still remain.
Once it has spoken,
love is yours.
(With great dignity, RAOUL turns and exits. CHRISTINE sees him leave, and
breaks off, wanting to reach out to him, unable to do so. She turns back to the
audience - - an audience that has no idea of what has just transpired.
With great difficulty, she gathers herself and continues.)
Love never dies,
Love never alters,
Hearts may get broken,
Love endures…
Hearts may get broken.
(Then finding courage in the decision she has made, she gathers her all and
sings with every fiber of her body.)
Love never dies!
Love will continue!
Love keeps on beating
When you’re gone!
Love never dies
once it is in you!
Life may be fleeting,
love lives on…
Life may be fleeting,
love lives on.
(Alone on stage, drained, CHRISTINE accepts the tumultuous applause, the rain
of garlands, the shouts and whoops.)

Christine’s dressing room

Ah, Christine!

(CHRISTINE rushes into her dressing room. ERIK is there, waiting for her.)
ERIK Ah, Christine!
My Christine!
What a triumph you gave me tonight!
My Christine!
All the dark, silent years now set right!
Ah, Christine!
CHRISTINE The song was beautiful.
It sounded beautiful!
Every note, every word,
and it felt beautiful,
and I felt beautiful!
ERIK & CHRISTINE Lost in the music once more,
feeling it rise up and soar,
alive once again!
(On the dressing table, she sees a single red rose… And a letter. She opens the letter and reads.)CHRISTINE My dearest wife.
(RAOUL appears upstage, in a pool of light, and sings the words she is reading…)
RAOUL “Little Lotte,
I beg you, forgive me…”
CHRISTINE Raoul, no!
RAOUL “Little Lotte,
ah, what fools we once were…”
RAOUL & CHRISTINE (Christine, joining in) “Long ago,
In our youth…”
CHRISTINE “…in Paris,
at the opera.”
RAOUL (Speaking over the above.) Romantic idiot…
CHRISTINE “Those two people are gone.”
(CHRISTINE continues reading the letter.)
RAOUL & CHRISTINE “Now I must go, our choices are made.
The opera is done, the last notes have been played.”
RAOUL “May your Angel of Music watch over you now
and give you what I wish I gave you somehow…
Yours in regret…”
(RAOUL turns and begins to exit.)
(She breaks off, and RAOUL vanishes, CHRISTINE remains lost in thought. Then, with a start…)

Gustave! Gustave!

ERIK (Tensing.) What is it?
CHRISTINE (Suddenly anxious.) Gustave…
ERIK What’s wrong?
CHRISTINE (In panic.) Gustave!
ERIK (Tensing.) What’s wrong?
CHRISTINE He should be here! He was meant to be here!
ERIK (Intense.) It’s that idiot Raoul!
Why, I’ll kill that drunken fool!
That he’d dare take this child - -
A child that isn’t his!
Mr Squelch!
(SQUELCH appears instantaneously.)
ERIK (Assertive.) Seal the port! Blockade each road!
Call in every favour that I’m owed!
I’ll be damned if he leaves this isle!
SQUELCH The Vicomte de Chagny left here in a carriage.
Saw him with my own eyes, sir,
there was no-one with him.
(ERIK seizes SQUELCH by the shirtfront, and pulls him within an inch of his face.)
ERIK (Through clenched teeth.) Are you quite certain he left here alone?
SQUELCH (Nodding.) Sir, was there anyone else here backstage?
Madame Giry, she was here!
With her vicious little sneer,
and that comment she made - -
The ungrateful, back-biting snake!
She’s been greedy, yes indeed - -
She’ll get hers now, guaranteed!
Go now, quickly, bring her round!
Bring the boy back safe and sound - -
Then I’ll tear her limb from limb!
(GANGLE appears in the doorway, pushing MADAME GIRY in front of him.)
MADAME GIRY (Outraged.) What is the meaning of this? How dare your minions manhandle me in this fashion? I demand an answer!
ERIK (Seizing her roughly.) The boy, woman! What have you done with him?
MADAME GIRY The boy? You think I took the boy? Why would I do such a thing. (Scathing.)
Do you think I don’t know who he is?
All these years,
who has been faithful more than I?
ERIK (Warningly.) Giry…
MADAME GIRY All these years,
how can you think I’d hurt that child?
ERIK My patience is running dry…
MADAME GIRY All these years,
I’ve been mother to you and Christine,
as much as my daughter…
ERIK Enough!
MADAME GIRY (Pointedly.) Do you think
I don’t know how it hurts
to see one’s own child brought to harm?
ERIK (In a frenzy, howling.) Gustave! Gustave! Gustave… (Then he slumps, hopeless.)
(FLECK materializes from the shadows.)
FLECK (Quietly.) Sir..?
I just passed Meg’s dressing room…
It was empty as a tomb…
But her mirror was smashed,
all in pieces on the floor.
ERIK (Looks up.) Meg..?
MADAME GIRY (Blanching.) Oh my God…
FLECK Then I saw her down the hall,
pulling someone pale and small,
and she looked all about,
and then scurried out the door.
MADAME GIRY God, I left her so distraught!
(Panicking, to ERIK.)
Please, who knows just what she thought?
(Half spoken.) I’m afraid she’s come undone.
But she won’t hurt him…
Meg would never hurt him…
How could she hurt him..?
(ERIK has gone very still.)
ERIK (Suddenly, decisively.) I know where they’ve gone. But we must hurry!
MADAME GIRY In that crowd? There are millions of people out there..!
CHRISTINE Gustave, my poor Gustave..!
ERIK (Suddenly, decisive.) There’s no time to waste..!
(The theatre dissolves into the madhouse that is Coney Island at night…)

Scene 8
The Streets of Coney Island

(Mobs of people everywhere, a vast hallucinatory circus. ERIK, CHRISTINE, MADAME GIRY and the rest whirl about as if in a fog, lost in the crush of humanity.)
CHRISTINE Gustave! Gustave!
ERIK You there, stop!
(A small figure is seen being pulled along. ERIK forces his way through the crowd, puts a hand on the figure’s shoulder… But when the figure turns, it is a leering, laughing dwarf…)
CHRISTINE That’s not him…
ERIK I think I see them, this way!
(Another small figure is seen, hand in hand with a Young woman… Surely this must be them!)
CHRISTINE (Seizing the child.) Gustave, is that -- ? (But when CHRISTINE grabs the figure and turns it around, it’s only a girl and her mother…)
(Crushed.) I’m so sorry…
MADAME GIRY Meg, please, it’s OK!
ERIK To the pier now, hurry!
(The impressionistic barrage of sounds and faces intensifies… Then suddenly in a great rush… Silence.)

Scene 9
The Pier

Please Miss Giry, I Want to Go Back

(Dissolve to the desolate pier. MEG enters, pulling GUSTAVE along. He squirms,
but she holds him in a vise-like grip.)
GUSTAVE Please, Miss Giry…
I want to go back…
I want my mother…
MEG (In a cracked and broken voice.)
The world is hard, the world is mean,
it’s hard to keep your conscience clean…
GUSTAVE Please… You’re hurting me.
MEG (Ignoring him.) The sea is calm, the sea is gray,
it washes everything away…
(She has brought him to the very edge of the pier. Dark water churns below.)
GUSTAVE I can’t swim…
MEG Don’t worry, it’s almost over…
Sink into the deep…
Blue and cool and kind…
Then drift off to sleep… Let the past unwind - -
Leave the hurt behind…
(THE ERIK, CHRISTINE, and MADAME GIRY have arrived. At the sound of his mother’s voice, GUSTAVE looks up.)
GUSTAVE Mother..?
MEG No, I’m not done yet…
(ERIK waves the others back, and he strides purposefully toward MEG.)
ERIK Let go of the boy, now!
(He moves closer and closer. Then: MEG pulls out the gun and points it at ERIK. The child wriggles free and runs to CHRISTINE.)
MEG (Wildly.) Not another step!
(ERIK stops.)
ERIK (Through clenched teeth.) Let go of him, girl, or I promise you - -
MEG (Wheeling on him, gun pointed.) Not another word!
(ERIK takes a step back.)
Always wondered how
To make you watch - -
Well watch me now!
(Plaintive.) I took a little trip to Coney Island.
I took a little trip, because of you.
I did as mother said,
and followed where you led
and tried to do what little I could do.
Well here’s the way it works on Coney Island - -
They make you pay for every little crumb.
I gave what they would take,
I gave it for your sake,
now look at me and see what I’ve become.
(With self-loathing.) Bathing beauty,
on the beach…
Bathing beauty,
in her dressing room…
Bathing beauty,
In the dark,
on their laps,
In their beds - -
MADAME GIRY (In horror.) Meg, my little Meg –
ERIK What are you saying?
MEG Who helped you raise the money?
Who helped the permits come through?
Who greased the wheels
of your high-flying deals,
bought you time when the bills came due?
Who swayed the local bosses?
Curried favor with the press?
(Pointing gun at MADAME GIRY.) No, not her!
And who kept singing,
desperate for your favor?
Who kept dancing,
hoping you would save her?
Who kept dying,
and this is what you gave her!
(Gestures with the gun; All flinch, except ERIK.)
Now that I’ve got your attention at last…
Here’s the big finish, and then you can go…
(She lowers her gaze, and puts the gun to her own head.)
ERIK (Softly, with rising intensity.) Give me the gun, Meg…
Give me the hurt and the pain and the gun, Meg…
Give me the blame for not seeing the things
that you’ve done, Meg…
Give me the gun, Meg…
Give me the chance to see you clear at last…
MEG (Wanting to believe.) See me clear at last…
ERIK You feel ugly, you feel used
you feel broken, you feel bruised,
ah, but me,
I can see
all the beauty underneath…
MEG (Wavering.) Yes…
ERIK (Inching closer to her.) You’ve been robbed of love and pride,
been ignored and pushed aside - -
Even so,
I still know
there is beauty underneath…
MEG (Mesmerized, going slack.) Yes..!
ERIK (Moving still closer.) Diamonds never sparkle bright
If they aren’t set just right…
Beauty sometimes goes unseen…
We can’t all be like Christine - -
MEG (Suddenly angry.) Christine!
Always Christine!
(She points at CHRISTINE with the gun. And suddenly - - It goes off, with a shockingly loud crack.
Everyone freezes.
Then CHRISTINE begins to fall.)
MEG No..! I didn’t mean to..!
(MADAME GIRY stands frozen, in shock.)
GUSTAVE Mother dear,
say something,
say anything!
ERIK Giry! Go get help! Go!
(MADAME GIRY jars herself into motion, runs off.
ERIK kneels next to CHRISTINE, who is cradled by her son.)
(Reviews seem to indicate that Gustave is a little away from her, and that she is standing next to M.Giry when the gun goes off. E takes off his coat and goes to cover C with it, but instead hands it to Meg, who kneels by C's side.)
GUSTAVE Where’s papa?
He should be here!
Where’s papa?
CHRISTINE Your father – Your real father –
(GUSTAVE looks up at ERIK, eyes wide. Tentatively, ERIK reaches out to console him. GUSTAVE instinctively recoils.)
Look with your heart.
And not with your eyes.
The heart understands.
The heart never lies.
Believe what it feels,
and trust what it shows,
look with your heart.
The heart always knows.
Love’s not always beautiful,
Not at the start…
(She falters. GUSTAVE picks up the melody.)
GUSTAVE So open your arms…
CHRISTINE And close your eyes tight…
GUSTAVE Look with your heart…
CHRISTINE And when you find love…
(She breaks off… And swoons. She is fading quickly.)
(GUSTAVE sobs, and ERIK takes her from him.)
ERIK Once upon another time,
our story had only begun…
I had a taste of joy…
The most I ever knew…
Now there isn’t any time,
and somehow our story is done…
And what about the boy… What am I to do?
CHRISTINE Just love…
Just live…
And give what you can give…
And take the love that you deserve…
Just live…
CHRISTINE And give –
(She breaks off, unable to continue.)
ERIK I’ll give all that I have…
And take what little I deserve.
CHRISTINE Come closer,
I beg you…
Closer still…
Love never dies…
Kiss me one last time…
(The music swells. They kiss. And then… ERIK pulls away from
CHRISTINE’s lifeless lips.
ERIK lays her body gently in the sand. He looks across her lifeless
form at GUSTAVE, who looks back at him.
They stare at each other for a long moment.
Then, GUSTAVE reaches out. He places one hand on ERIK’s mask.
ERIK stays still… And in a gesture of tender acceptance, the boy
removes the mask and gazes unflinchingly at ERIK’s ruined face.
Father and son look into one another’s eyes…)
(In recent performances, when C dies, E's hands clench into fists and he embraces her tightly, finally releasing her and looking in horror at the blood on his hands...he then removes his ring and places it on her finger. )
(Gustave reaches to remove the mask, Erik stops him, and when G nods, he removes it himself...then they embrace, E holding one hand out toward Christine as they do so...

Image E/C manip made by me
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