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Analysis of Phantasia (PotO music)

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Full credit goes to Phantom's Star for the following exceptional analysis! (because I could not use the edit feature, I'll need to go back and do the different colorings she used. I'll do that soon, once I get everything I need to from there over to here.)

** PHANTASIA-- by Phantom's Star **

Begins with:
Masquerade – Music box
It sounds very angelic (harp, chimes, xylophone) like a wind up toy. The trumpets begins and the music gets faster leading into another melody. We hear the flute, then violin and cello play the melody that is the same melody to when Erik glances at the chandelier then the guards right after the unmasking)
Note: This also reminds me of the music of the DVD opening –we see Raoul coming into the opera house and the chandelier raise, then the titles and selections appear.
-I think the music starts off happy and almost calm but then picks up and becomes suspenseful because this is the story of Erik. Christine and Erik can have happiness but there is an obstacle, which is the Phantom. I think this opening sets the stage for their story.

Phantom of the Opera – violin and cello The violin and cello begin playing together, the same melody as mentioned above. We hear the trumpets hold their note out and the violin and cello play the same melody again. The cymbals crash, the trumpets hold their note, and the melody of POTO officially begins.
The violin, however, doesn’t play along with the lyrics (if they were there). IOW, it doesn't take the place of the lyrics as it does in other songs on the CD. Instead, the violin plays the melody but not so much in-sync (don’t really know how to describe it). (BTW, I’ll discuss the details of the other instruments played later on.)
Therefore, I think this POTO melody is actually like the intro to the film and not Christine singing it in the corridor UNTIL we hear this one part.
If they lyrics were there, the violin would begin to play along with the lyrics on “Your spirit and my voice in one combined.” The cello is also there, which would be “My spirit and your voice in one combined.” The violin and cello replace the lyrics for this part of POTO (only time they do during this song) so I think it is important. It relates to Christine and Erik and how they are one.
The violin and cello continue to play but not with the lyrics for the rest of this song. The music slows down, seems to sound like it is fading out. The cello picks up and plays POTO melody solo and transitions into “Magical Lasso.”

Magical Lasso – celloI think this tune is “Magical Lasso” because the cello is playing solo and the cello represents Phantom (really Erik), but I don’t think this is Erik singing “Magical Lasso” but JB because we hear the harps in between this melody as we did in the film during this scene (which JB sings when describing Erik).
After this melody, we then hear the cello play the POTO melody again. “He’s there, the Phantom of the Opera.” The trumpets join in for a short time and the cello plays solo again, becoming very slow and decreasing in volume toward the end.

Think of Me – violin
As the cello fades, the violin begins, playing a unique tune. At times, it almost sounds like “I Remember” (which is the same tune to "Magical Lasso") but also has similar notes to TOM. I think it’s a very interesting way to make the transition from the cello solo to the violin solo, sort of like connecting Christine with Erik even before she sings.
Violin increases in volume and begins to play TOM.
I believe the first time we hear the violin play TOM relates to when we first hear Christine sing TOM because we hear the transitional music from Christine in her Hannibal costume to opening night afterward. In other words, the first verse of lyrics would apply here leading up to opening night. This first verse also relates to Raoul (as we've figured out) and we don't hear the cello at this part as well (important to remember for another part where we do hear the cello although Raoul really sings the part based on the film...aka AIAOY)

Then, the music gets interesting if we bring in the lyrics to match the melodies. Based on the melodies, the lyrics seem to switch. If the lyrics were there, I think it would sound like this:

Think of me, think of me waking silent and resigned. (I feel it’s this tune because the violin and cello play together and we’ve found out that this line relates to Christine and Erik.)
Recall those days, look back on all those times, think of the things will never do (cello).
There will never be a day (cello and violin) when I won’t think of you (violin). (All relates to Christine and Erik, and it is like they are singing together).

Think of all the things we’ve shared and seen. (cello is the emphasis, but the violin joins in and plays along too. Is Erik singing to Christine? This line in the film relates to Raoul so is he singing to him? Or does this line relate to DOM when Erik tells Christine to leave? Does he want her to remember him as he was (the Angel of Music) before the Phantom interfered?)

Don’t think about the way things might have been. (violin increases and plays equally along with the cello. Are Christine and Erik thinking of forgetting the past and trying to move forward in their lives? If Erik didn't listen to the Phantom, could he have found happiness earlier with Christine?)

(Repeat) Think of me (cello plays first and violin answers with playing the same line),
think of me waking silent and resigned. (cello with a slight more emphasis then the violin but they still play together.)
Imagine me trying to hard to put you from my mind. (violin solo)
(Repeat) Recall those days (cello first, violin second), look back on all those times (cello first, violin second), think of the things will never do (together).
There will never be a day when I won’t think of you. (violin and cello)
(Again, all relates to Erik and Christine and it sounds like they sing to each other).
The high note hits and the transition into AOM immediately begins. (This my favorite transition of this CD, btw )

Angel of Music-flute begins tune
Angel of Music, guide and guardian.Grant to me your glory. (violin and cello play together but more emphasis on the violin though)
Angel of Music, hide no longer.
Secret and strange Angel.Note: The line could also be “Come to me strange Angel” because the violin and cello both play and Christine was Erik’s Angel of Music.

I think the next part is interesting and like TOM, things seem to change around a bit.

As the music slows down and we add lyrics, I feel these are lines from the chapel and I will explain why in a bit.
Father once spoke of an Angel
I think although Christine says this line in the play and film, it could relate to Erik because he mostly likely knew her father. The cello is also played solo here and the violin continues solo for the rest of the verse.

I use to dream he appear.
Now as I sing I can sense him
And I know he’s near.

If following the lyrics, these lines would follow and fit since the violin plays solo through all of them. Christine is singing of her Angel of Music.

Angel of Music, guide and guardian
Grant to me your glory.
Angel of Music, hide no longer
Come to me strange Angel.

The violin and cello play together and I definitely feel that the music here matches to when Christine walks to the mirror (hence the lyric choices).

As the music slows down again, I feel this is the mirror scene, the part when Erik sings to Christine and Christine sings to Erik because the cello and violin:

Flattering child you shall know me The cello plays solo and I think it’s this line because it’s the only line where the cello plays solo and then continues in the following lines as if Erik is singing(just like in the film).
See why in shadow I hide
The violin and cello both play this line. Therefore, I think it is not only referring to Erik and how he hides in shadow (the Phantom) but also referring to Christine. If so, I think it might refer to her hiding her true self and her feelings for her Erik because she’s afraid.
Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside
The violin and cello continue to play together. We know how this line refers to Erik but if referring to Christine here, then maybe Erik must look at his face in the mirror (with no mask) and realize Christine does love him for who he is inside, his beautiful soul…which leads us to the first unmasking.

First Unmasking/Stranger Than You Dreamt It:
The music is very similar if not the same to when Christine removes Erik’s mask in his lair, both leading up to it and the aftermath for a short while.
This part is tricky with how the music is when Erik is angry. At the beginning it sounds similar to the film, but then the melody becomes unique. The cello plays solo at first, with the violin coming in a certain points, and then the cello and violin play together. I think the tune has the same feeling and mood which is energy, suspense, anger, and possibly fear. It’s like Erik and Christine are having an argument IMO.
The music then slows down, as it does in the film before Erik sings STYDI.

There’s a small musical segment before STYDI. There’s a build-up to the cello playing a small melody from POTO, which I think might represent Erik’s inner struggle. The tune to STYDI then begins which the cello playing along.

Cello solo:
Stranger than you dreamt it
Can you even dare to look or bare to think of me
This lonesome gargoyle who burns in hell
But secretly, yearns for heaven
Secretly, secretly…Christine

Fear can turn to love (cello solo)
You’ll learn to see to find the man (cello solo but after the word “see,” we again hear the same tune from POTO which I think again shows Erik’s inner struggle with the Phantom.)
Behind the monster (the violin and cello play together)
This repulsive carcass (violin stop, cello continues solo) who seems a beast
I think the violin begins to play here for a short time because Christine will see and help Erik see that he is not a monster and not a beast but a beautiful creature.
But secretly, dreams of beauty
Secretly, secretly
Oh, Christine (cello solo)

The violin and cello then play another unique tune that I think sounds sympathetic, fearful/nervous, trying to understand, and loving…which leads into “Raoul, I’ve Been There.”

Raoul, I’ve Been There
Interestingly, the violin or cello don’t play along to the first two melody lines. When they do begin to play, the melody doesn’t seem to fit. In other words, if lyrics were there:

Raoul, I’ve seen him
Can I ever forget that sight?

These are the two lines that fit with the melody but we don’t hear a violin or cello played along.

Can I ever escape from that face, so distorted, deformed
It was hardly a face in the darkness...darkness

The violin and cello begin to play but their melodies don’t seem to match if the lyrics were there. They play a unique tune and start to fit the melody on the word “darkness” if the lyrics were added.

Now, the violin plays along perfectly here with the melody and lyrics (if added).
But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound
In that night there was music in my mind
And through music my soul began to soar
And I heard as I never heard before

Yet in his eyes all the sadness of the world (the flute plays here, no violin)
Those pleading eyes that both threaten and adore (the violin plays here but it sounds like a whole bunch of them).
The melody is then played when Raoul leads Christine before singing AIAOY…yet it’s not Raoul who does the singing here .

All I Ask of You
As the booklet to Phantasia says, the cello begins the song.

No more talk of darkness
Forget these wide-eyed fears
I’m here, nothing can harm you.
My words with warm and calm you.
Let me your freedom.
Let daylight dry your tears.
I’m here, with you beside you
To guard you and to guide you.

(The cello plays solo throughout this whole part. Erik is singing to Christine. He wants to be her guardian.)

The violin takes off from here solo. It sounds so uplifting like Christine truly believes what her Erik is singing to her and she really means what she is singing to him IMO.

Say you love me every waking moment.
Turn my head with talk of summer time.
Say you need me with you now and always.
Promise me that all you say is true. (the cello plays along with the violin here)
That’s all I ask of you. (cello begins to play as the violin ends).

Let me be your shelter (cello solo)
Let me be your light (the violin plays along with the cello here)
You’re safe, no one will find you.
Your fears are far behind you.
(I think the violin plays along with the cello along with these last two lines but it’s playing low. Correct me if I’m wrong!)

All I want is freedom (violin solo at first but cello joins in)
A world with no more night (violin plays with the melody, cello accompanies)
And you, always beside me (same as above)
To hold me and to hide me (same as above, yet the cello begins to start playing the melody too)

For the next segment, I think the lyrics go as:
Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime (cello plays with melody, violin accompanies)
Say the word and I will follow you (violin and cello play melody together)
Share each day with me, each night, each morning (violin and cello play melody together)
Say you love (violin) (You know I do (cello))
Love me, that’s all I ask you of. (violin and cello play melody together)

The music continues as if Christine and Raoul had just kissed like in the film (although this CD seems to suggest something different with the meaning )

Anywhere you go let me go too.
Love me, that’s all I ask of you

(The violin and cello play together here and the song ends. I think it’s interesting that AIAOY is the song where the lyrics are almost entirely included. It’s as if this is the song that relates to both Christine and Erik more than Christine and Raoul. Erik wants to be Christine’s protector and because she loves him truly, she will let him if he comes out of the darkness…that’s all she asks of him

The cymbals crash and trumpets play the music from the AIAOY reprise after Erik/Phantom sings “You will curse the day you did not do all that the Phantom asked of you.” This leads into “Masquerade,” specifically to the music when everyone is turning on the dance floor. The melody of “Masquerade” then begins which is exactly the same to the film. The music then slows down. If picturing the film, it is when Christine and Raoul stop before he kisses. Yet, the music on the CD doesn’t continue with the melody played when he actually does kiss her, if referring to the film.

Continuing from Masquerade:
The violin and cello begin to play together. It is to the tune right after Erik grabs the ring around Christine’s neck and goes down the trapdoor. To be more specific, I think it’s the same tune to when Raoul is in the torture chamber surrounded by mirrors. Why the violin and cello play this tune together I’m not completely sure, but I think it might have to do with maybe Christine telling Erik not to hurt Raoul or even resort to violence.
Why So Silent
The torture chamber music leads into WSS, right when Erik makes his entrance and walks down the stairs (according to the film).
The cello plays solo:
Why so silent good monsieur?
Did you think that I had left you for good?

The music then takes a turn and plays a small bit from “Don Juan” with the violin joining. The violin seems to play (if we add lyrics) “I’m the master. You’re the man.” I remember HW said that in PONR, the tables switch and Christine becomes the master so I think this is what this musical part means. Christine is Erik’s master, but in a good way.

The cello slows down and the music transitions into the carnival music from the scene in the film. At the beginning, the violin and cello play together. To me, it sounds like Christine is comforting Erik and what he remembers of his past. This also part never sounds horrifying but calm. The music of the carnival seems to sympathize with Erik and even ends on a sad note, relating to the scene in the film where M. Giry leaves after witnessing Erik being beaten.

We then hear the violin play a unique tune solo and the cello joins in shortly afterward. The music then transforms in “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again.”

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
Because the piece beforehand was the carnival and relating to the past, I think the first line that fits the first tune to WYWSHA is:
Too many years fighting back tears
Why can’t the past just die?

The violin and cello also play together here which I think shows Erik wants to forget his past full of the mockery and hatred, while Christine…well, see the summary

This next part is the violin playing very low, sounding sad and depressed. (I kept wondering if this part maybe was the cello but that one segment in AIAOY where the violin plays low matches this verse of WYWSHA).
(violin solo)
You were once my one companion
You were all that mattered
You were once a friend and father
Then my world was shattered

The violin and cello begin to play together. If lyrics were added:
Wishing you were somehow here again
Wishing you were somehow near
Sometime it seemed if I just dreamed
Somehow you would be here

I think these lyrics first the most here because both Christine and Erik have dreamed of each other.

A crescendo begins (the music becomes louder and stronger).
Wishing you were somehow here again
Knowing we must say good-bye (violin and cello together for both lines)
Try to forgive (cello) – Erik wants Christine to forgive him
Teach me to live (violin and cello) – Christine is willing to teach Erik how to live a new life when he comes to the light/good side
Give me the strength to try (violin and cello) – Their love will give them the strength they need to carry out the task ahead

The music continues as it does in the film but the violin and cello do not play until:
Help me say good-bye (cello solo) – I think Erik is ready to say good-bye to the Phantom/darkness
Help me say good-bye (violin solo) – Although scared, I think Christine is ready to say good-bye to her childhood ways and become a mature woman in order to help her Erik.

The music then leads into “No One Would Listen” which sounds very similar to when Erik and Christine are locking eyes at the Masquerade.
The violin then starts to play along with the melody toward the end of the piece on “No one would listen…” but then takes a turn a begins to play “Point of No Return.”

Point of No Return
The violin starts off low playing PONR, so unlike the film and play! (Oh, Christine, we knew you had it in you ).
So, I think lyrics would go as followed:
Past the point of no return (violin plays solo, cello plays solo after the line)
No going back now (violin solo)
Our passion play as now at least begun (violin and cello play together)

The cello then takes over as the lead.
Past all thought of right or wrong (cello plays solo, violin plays solo after the line)
One final question (cello solo)
How long should we too wait before we’re one (violin and cello together)
I think it’s this line here because the music sounds so uplifting (like how it does in the film at this part and continues to grow as the song progresses)

When will the blood begin to race
The sleeping bud burst into bloom
When will the flames at last consume us

The violin and cello play together throughout these lines, but the violin has a slight emphasis.

Pass the point of no return (cello plays line, violin joins in the middle and play the line)
The final threshold (cello solo)
The bridge is crossed so stand and watch it burn
We’ve past the point of no return

The violin and cello play the last two lines together and again, the music sounds more uplifting at this point (like in the film) because Erik and Christine are finally back together in each others arms.

BUT, there is still the Phantom to deal with and the music makes it clear by sounding urgent and potentially dangerous with the next small piece before “Down Once More.”

Down Once More
The tune is PONR but I believe this segment is DOM with the way the violin and cello play together. I know many think this musical segment sounds like a love story, but to me, I think it sounds more of a cry for help, a battle between good and evil with love conquering all later as the CD continues (which I will get to later on ). Mainly, I think Erik has the choice now rather than Christine.

The violin and cello begin very fast, something is going to happen.
I’m going to add lyrics to help better hear and understand the music.

Farewell by fallen idol and false friend
We had such hopes and now those hopes are shattered

The violin to me sounds sad, almost crying. Hope cannot be lost, can it?
Too late for turning back
Too late for prayers and useless pity

I think the Phantom is taking over Erik here.

Violin (which takes over Raoul’s lines in the CD)
Say you love him and my life is over

This might sound way off, but I think the “him” here refers to the Phantom. Christine cannot lose her Erik to the Phantom again.

The rest of the musical piece is hard to decipher based on lyrics but the violin always takes over Raoul’s part. To me, the violin and cello playing back and forth sounds like a crucial race against time. Christine is encouraging Erik to come out of the darkness, almost saying “You can do this and I am here to help you.” But Erik sometimes doesn’t seem ready and/or is afraid. By the end, it sounds like Christine is on the verge of tears and pleading to her Erik.
Angel of Music, you deceived me. (The violin plays that tune at a low volume at the end).
So, maybe she can get to him another way…

We hear the music to when we see Erik and Christine on the bridge after PONR in the film. But didn’t Erik sing this next line of AIAOY in the film? So why do we hear the violin play it?

So I think the lyrics would be:
(violin solo)
Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime
Lead me, save me from my solitude
Say you want me with you here beside you
Anywhere you go let me go too (cello joins in for this line)

Christine wants Erik to leave the darkness and be with her in the light, and save her from her solitude because he is the only man she has ever truly love.

Love me, (since it’s still both the violin and cello playing) that’s all I ask of…second unmasking music/POTO. It’s very strong and powerful, almost showing that the Phantom will not allow Christine and Erik to be together.

We then hear the Masquerade music box again, sounding comforting.
Masquerade! Paper faces on parade…
Erik needs to make a choice and this is where I think the love song begins.

Music of the Night
Because this is the last song of the CD, it is very important. Why is MOTN last? Here’s my thoughts.

First, I think the first verse of the song is Erik remembering when he sang to Christine about joining him in his world which was in darkness because we just heard the musical box before. The music box was his comfort, like the darkness. Before making a life-changing choice, I think Erik remembers the past.
If we add lyrics:
(Cello solo)
Slowly, gently, night unfurls its splendor
Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender.
Turn your face away from the garish light of day.
Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light.
And listen to the music of the night.

The violin then joins in playing with the cello and is the emphasis now. I think Christine is now turning the tables on Erik. She’s singing to him about joining her in a different world that is of the light.

Let your mind start a journey to a strange new world
Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before
Let your soul take you where you long to be
Only then can you belong to me. (violin solo)

Christine knows Erik has a good soul and longs to be in the light (remember STYDI?). Once he chooses this path, she and Erik will be together forever.

The music then starts off slow and begins to build. The bass drums seem to stress that something important is about to happen. I also think the next verse of MOTN is out of order from the song but fits the mood and tempo.
(cello plays melody, violin accompanies)
Softly, daftly, music shall caress you.
Hear it, fell it, secretly posses you.
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind (cello and violin play together)

The next line should be “In this darkness which you know you cannot fight” but the violin seems to take over the cello here, almost as if Christine is singing to Erik that she cannot be in the darkness and he shouldn’t be either. The violin seems to play instead along with the orchestra “You only can make my song take flight.”

The cello then seems to want to continue the song with “The darkness of the music…” but the violin won’t let it. The violin instead starts to play “love me, that’s all I ask of…” with the cello playing the line too. But the cello then repeats and plays “the darkness of the music…” but ends up playing high toward the end of the line instead of low. The violin and cello again play together “love me, that’s all I ask of...” It's again this battle for Erik to decide light/dark, good/evil, Christine/Phantom. The POTO bit is then heard played by the cello (it always scares me each time I hear it and I know it’s coming too ). The Phantom is trying to take over Erik but this time, Erik won’t allow it. He loves Christine too much! It almost sounds like Erik is trying to break away from the Phantom as that small piece plays out. We then hear the violin play very high notes and it continues to play these notes until the climax. The cello starts off very low and slow, almost trying to reach the violin. Christine is waiting for Erik and Erik will be able to break away from the Phantom and reunite with Christine if he chooses. And then BANG! The cello reaches the high note to match the violin and the cymbals crash. MOTN is then played as it did when Erik broke the mirrors in the film. Erik does choose the light! The music continues to sound triumphant and victorious and then slows down.

The violin and cello play together on “You alone can make my song take flight,” sounding romantic, peaceful, and loving. Christine and Erik are reunited. The cello then plays solo on “It’s over now, the music of the night” (you can hear the violin slightly in the background, but the cello is the emphasis). I don’t think the cello sounds sad though but of disbelief like “I can’t believe I did it.” It also sounds comforting like Erik is telling Christine she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. The music then ends on a calm note, like if we are watching the film and see the music box fade from color to black and white.
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